Filming EMVIO’s Stress-Free Promotional Video Was a Little Stress-Full


The EMVIO team has been hard at work, filming the short promo video for the EMVIO watch. In anticipation of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, we’re excited to show the world’s first stress-measuring watch in action. The EMVIO featured in the video is our fully-functional prototype. 

Shot over the weekend, we used five locations in one day, throughout Moscow and the neighboring city of Ryazan, three hours away. Of course, you’ll be able to see everyone on the EMVIO team in the video - except for Arina and Vladimir, who got married over the weekend :-)

Like any video shoot, we had our setbacks and delays, and some things worked out, while some just didn’t go to plan. Here are some behind-the-scenes facts: 

  • Our video’s protagonist is played by Petr Nesterov. You might have never heard of him in North America, but he’s a famous actor on Russian television, with accompanying fees to match. However, he’s impressed with EMVIO’s potential as a stress measurement tool, so he generously agreed to help us with a friend price.
  • Petr is very experienced, so shooting a short video for a crowdfunding campaign wasn’t a big deal. Since he was using a fully-functional prototype, EMVIO was able to show he wasn’t stressing out at all. According to EMVIO’s readings, his stress level never exceeded a measurement of 5.
  • EMVIO’s co-creator Valery is a bit camera-shy, so he wanted to edit his lines so they would be shorter. However, he was a good sport and only needed 15 quick takes to nail his part.
  • To film in the Moscow subway, you have to obtain permission from the authorities, which is a difficult process and never a guarantee. But we managed to get a few strictly secret shots here and there in several cars. We won’t tell if you don’t!


Well, you can see for yourself from these behind-the scenes shots.

This is every day in the life of an actor. These guys are always here. I can’t even.


The gift of stress management? For me? Gimme!


We are here to take the metro. That’s it. These cameras? We’re totally not filming in the metro. We’re just on our way to brunch.
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