EMVIO Has a New Look: Details about the Re-design


The EMVIO team, ahead of their upcoming Kickstarter launch, has gone back to the drawing board to improve the EMVIO stress-measuring watch. These small design changes not only make the watch look better, but they also make the watch feel better to wear. In this post we want to show you four subtle changes that we hope make this watch the best it can be. 

In the first version of EMVIO, the strap eyelets (the holes where the strap connects to the body of the watch) were raised upward from the underside of the watch face. During our tests, we found that this caused the watch to move around on the wrist, which affected the stress measurements. 

Now, the strap connection is nearly at the same level as the backside of the watch face, which helps it stay in one place for more accurate measurements. Also, the watch is less likely to snag on your sleeves. 

We’ve also increased the thickness of the men’s strap, to improve the masculine lines of the EMVIO Romeo watch. As you can see, it looks more solid, and it helped to created harmony between the watch body and the strap. 

We modified the design of the tongue in the watch buckle, so it’s easier to fasten. 

Lastly, we’ve removed some extra lines and contours on the body of the watch itself, giving the watch a more concise and modern look. 

The team at Darta Systems loves this new design - its high-quality look and feel now match the amazing technology and algorithms on the inside of each EMVIO.


Previous design New design



Previous design New design


Romeo Elite

Previous design New design


Juliet Elite

Previous design New design


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