The EMVIO App Helps You Hack Stress Relief


Last week, we talked about how stress measurement can make emotional management easier.

In short: 

  • It’s difficult to manage stress because you’re trying to manage something that you can’t measure.
  • Stress trackers like EMVIO can help many people manage stress levels because you can’t ignore these tools when they tell you your stress levels are spiking.
  • Our EMVIO watch allows long-term tracking, so you can analyze your stress levels and discover what your biggest stressors are (more on this later!).


What prevents you from reducing stress?  

High stress is a pressing public health issue that affects many Americans. According to a 2012 American Psychological Association study, more than half of respondents (64%) believe that it is important to manage stress. But of these subjects, only 37% believe that they successfully manage stress. 

What’s stopping them? 

  • 31% lack willpower
  • 22% lack time
  • 16% think that changes will cost too much
  • 12% are too stressed to address stress!

EMVIO addresses several of these stopping points:

  • Even if your willpower is low, EMVIO gently reminds the user that something is causing their stress levels to rise, and a behavior or situation needs to change.
  • EMVIO’s main job is to tell you when your stress levels are high. So, once you know, you can take a step back, take a deep breath, and make better decisions.
  • Once EMVIO’s Kickstarter campaign begins, you’ll be able to get a state-of-the-art tool for the right price, especially for the first backers taking advantage of EMVIO’s Early Bird offers.

If you have a smartphone, you have one more tool you can use to manage your emotions. 


Stress management can be convenient with the EMVIO App. 

When you use EMVIO and your smartphone together, you’ll be able to manage stress even more efficiently.

The main page of the EMVIO application displays your current stress level and your stats for the day (heart rate, steps taken, calories burned).
When your stress level goes from yellow to the red zone, or vice versa, your smartphone will display a push-notification, reminding you to make note in the app of what caused your stress or helped you relieve that stress. Each event stored in the app can include a photo or voice tag. You can even share the stored events on social media. In short, the EMVIO app keeps track of your unique stressors, eliminating the need to manually keep a stress journal.
Additionally, if your stress level becomes hazardous to your health, the app provides easy, actionable tips on how to reduce stress levels. If you feel yourself losing emotional control, having suggestions at your fingertips can salvage any stressful situation.



EMVIO for stress management each and every day

EMVIO is meant to be worn all day, every day. The basic EMVIO watch is made of high-quality plastic with a glossy finish, while the body of the EMVIO Elite is made of chrome-plated steel. The screen is made of a scratch-resistant glass, and it displays your stats only after clicking on the touch keys, which allows EMVIO to discreetly inform only you, and not others, about your stress level. The hardware in all of the watches reflects the latest technology, and each version the watch looks equally good in the office, in the gym, and at home.

Stress management is a long-term project. Our team at Darta Systems is committed to helping you to reduce your negative stress and to create a sustainable method of emotional management. 

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