Emvio’s Versatility: A Stylish Watch for both Men and Women


Emvio, the first stress-measuring watch, has the potential to improve the lives of many people. But from the beginning, the team at Darta Systems wanted to distinguish Emvio from other mere fitness trackers. To the developers, it was important to create a good-looking watch that can be used in all settings. After all, we don’t experience stress only at work, or only at home.

Emvio is for everyone and everywhere. Because of that, the Emvio team, in conjunction with the Simplicity Design firm from Italy, have created a variety of styles to choose from so everyone can find an Emvio that fits their personal style. You can choose between different materials, colors, and watch sizes, to suit your body and lifestyle.

The face of the men’s version, called the Romeo, measures 37 mm by 47 mm. On the other hand, the women’s Juliet version, measures 34 mm by 47 mm. The two different-sized prototypes will be ready in early January. The design team took into account the simple fact that women generally have smaller physiques. Up to this point, most health wearables have been unwieldy for women, and the Juliet should prove to be a great fit for female users.



The highlight of Emvio construction is the main timepiece itself. Emvio will be made from high-quality plastic with a glossy finish, while the Emvio Elite will be made from chrome steel. Both Emvio and Emvio Elite are made to last, protecting the state-of-the-art hardware and sensors inside. With all Emvio can do, the brilliant plastic and metal finishes allow you to wear it in the office, at the gym, and at home. The screen is made from scratch-resistant glass, and the LED indicators within are highly visible to the user but discreet when others glance at your wrist. In other words, Emvio may tell you what your stress level is, but it doesn’t advertise it!

The designers from Darta Systems and Simplicity Design have prioritized Emvio’s versatility. It can go from day to evening, and can be worn during all activities. We’ve strived to create not just a watch that measures stress, but a timepiece you’ll be proud to wear.

Retail prices for both Romeo and Juliet versions will go $199, while the Romeo Elite and Juliet Elite will retail for $249. During Emvio’s Kickstarter campaign there will be special prices for all the models and even Early Bird options for the very first backers, as well as options to buy a pack of several watches. Sign up for our newsletter, and watch this space for more updates.

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