Convenient Stress Management, Thanks to EMVIO


Stress is an unpleasant condition that can lead to declining mental and physical health. Managing stress becomes especially important when people face one or more symptoms of chronic stress, such as sleep disturbances, digestive disorders, irritability or chronic fatigue.


Unconscious stress management, a.k.a. Bad Habits

Usually, we manage our stress unconsciously to reduce our symptoms. But we tend to manage stress in ways that are bad for our health. Common stress relief habits include smoking, drinking excess alcohol, overeating, and procrastinating.

While these actions dull stress symptoms, they can cause significant harm if used constantly. Take overeating, for example. Over the long run, it’s bad for your figure, your self-esteem, and can lead to metabolic disorders like diabetes.

For many of us, it’s more correct to say that people don’t manage stress - stress manages us, damaging our health, appearance, and relationships.


Conscious stress management is nothing new

The basic rule of stress management is to manage your stressors. What actions, people, or situations give rise to stress? Some recommend starting a journal or diary to make note of what’s causing your stress. 

Once you’ve identified your stressors, you must decide exactly what should be done with each of them. You can avoid the stressor, change the impact the stressor has on you, or change your attitude towards the stressor. Simple, right? 

You could also learn healthier ways to reduce stress symptoms. Create a stricter work schedule to make more time for family. Meditation, yoga, and spending time on other favorite activities or hobbies, are some of the best stress busters. 

We’ve all heard this before. So why do only 37% of Americans believe that they can manage stress well? 


Stress Management is Hard Work

There are several reasons keeping most people from managing stress. It takes time and dedication to understand stress and to research what works for you, not to mention the willpower and organizational skills necessary to change your lifestyle.

But the main reason is that people are essentially trying to change something that’s not palpable. In essence, you’re trying to manage something that can’t be measured.


Can you measure stress? 

We present EMVIO: the first smartwatch that is designed to measure and manage stress.

EMVIO measures your pulse and calculates your stress level on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high). Each of the stress levels displayed on the LED screen corresponds with an easy-to-see smiley or frowney. For added convenience, there is a light below EMVIO’s face that turns green, yellow, or red, depending on how stressed you are. When you move from one zone to another, EMVIO will vibrate so you know precisely when your stress level changes. 


This watch also contains a three-axis accelerometer for tracking your physical activity throughout the day. You can see these numbers at any time by clicking on one of the touch buttons on either side of the watch face.

Thanks to EMVIO, you can manage your stress level, guided by these measurements. Your subjective feelings will no longer allow you to ignore stress. Also, when you get information about your stress levels in real time, you can identify individual stressors and even get an idea of their strength and influence.


EMVIO is here to help. 

With EMVIO, you don’t need to become an expert in stress management. You can get results without spending time and effort on researching stress and making hard lifestyle changes. EMVIO will be your personal assistant, alerting you and giving recommendations only in those moments when you need it. You can focus on enjoying your newfound productivity and emotional confidence.


EMVIO is coming soon to Kickstarter

Darta Systems is currently finalizing the EMVIO prototype. In February 2015, the EMVIO team plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to make stress management possible for as many people as possible. The planned retail price for Romeo and Juliet (men’s and women’s) EMVIOs will be $199, and Romeo and Juliet EMVIO Elites will be $249. During the campaign, EMVIOs will be offered at special prices for our first early bird buyers

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