Can Emvio Be Used in High-Stress Industries?


Hello friends! We hope that everyone had a happy long weekend.

We have a little over 14 days remaining for our Kickstarter campaign. Our progress is slow, and we’re working day and night to think of new ways to use Emvio to solve real-world problems. 

Thanks to our backers and people who have seen Emvio in the media and have given us feedback, we've decided to reach out to different industries that require everyday stress management. 

Last week, we sent letters to several airlines, as well as Lufthansa, with a proposal to improve the safety of air traffic through continuous monitoring of the level of stress pilots and crew members. Since Emvio can measure emotional and physiological stress in real-time, it could be an advantage in the future control of chronic stress, which cannot be detected with standard medical examination. 

(All of this is in response to the Germanwings crash of Flight 4U 9525, which has been attributed to the inadequate mental condition of the co-pilot. This tragedy has exposed a critical problem: the lack of control of the emotional and psychological state of the flight crew. This is a problem when passengers entrust their lives to the actions of one person.)

We hope that airline authorities will react to our proposal, and if there is enough interest, our Emvio team can fine-tune our product to the specific requirements of the airline industry. We’re standing by to provide working prototypes.

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