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There’s only one more day until the Emvio watch goes live on Kickstarter!


After all of our team’s hard work, and finalizing some design and logistical details, we’ve finally set the date for our Kickstarter campaign launch.


If you haven’t heard already, Apple, ahead of its April smartwatch launch, has reportedly dropped the complex biosensors for measuring blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.


We’re excited to show you our promotional video as we prepare to launch our Kickstarter campaign next month.


The EMVIO team, ahead of their upcoming Kickstarter launch, has gone back to the drawing board to improve the EMVIO stress-measuring watch. These small design changes not only make the watch look better, but they also make the watch feel better to wear. In this post we want to show you four subtle changes that we hope make this watch the best it can be. 


The EMVIO team’s newest video of the working prototype has just dropped! In this video, our team highlights the different screens you can use.


We decided to ask the EMVIO team members to tell us their experiences working on this two-year project.


The EMVIO team has been hard at work, filming the short promo video for the EMVIO watch. In anticipation of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, we’re excited to show the world’s first stress-measuring watch in action.


This week, the team at EMVIO takes us behind the scenes for a look at the cutting-edge EMVIO app. Read on for exclusive screenshots and exciting news about this stress-measurement tool.


Stress is an unpleasant condition that can lead to declining mental and physical health. Managing stress becomes especially important when people face one or more symptoms of chronic stress, such as sleep disturbances, digestive disorders, irritability or chronic fatigue.


Since we’re better off replacing bad habits with good ones, here are four swaps you can make for a less stressful 2015.


Most of us face holiday stress because of high expectations and the overwhelming number of activities. Besides the negative feelings, illnesses like colds, flu, digestive problems, and infections run rampant this time of year, and much of it is stress-induced.


We had the chance to talk to EMVIO Team Member Arina, a graduate student at the Ryazan State Radio Engineer University, about further research on EMVIO watches and viewing movies. While we are working on bringing EMVIO to the general market, this watch can be used as a research tool, and it will open the door to evaluating and assessing people’s emotional reactions.


There's nothing wrong with stress, and sometimes it’s useful when it drives us to complete a difficult task or achieve something significant. But if there's too much stress in our lives, it can cause major problems such as heart disease, digestive problems, and a weaker immune response.


Emvio, the first stress-measuring watch, has the potential to improve the lives of many people. But from the beginning, the team at Darta Systems wanted to distinguish Emvio from other mere fitness trackers. To the developers, it was important to create a good-looking watch that can be used in all settings. After all, we don’t experience stress only at work, or only at home.


Alex Alpatov is one of Emvio’s co-creators, having researched biomedical devices for the last 12 years. He’s excited to share his experiences with Emvio’s alpha testing process.


For many people, the everyday hassles of work take a serious toll. Stress can cause hypertension, heart disease, depression, and obesity. And, let’s be honest, being constantly stressed just isn’t that much fun. Darta Systems has created a heavy-duty solution, in a very small package: Emvio.

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